I think , I feel, I rejoice, I hurt, I heal!

There is a moment in life when happiness and sorrow, ecatasy and blues, chaos and system all undergo a git rebase (which btw & very naive-ly is squaching all changes to one 😀 )!

I am characterized with having those moments far too often ..

Hello , I am an undergrad at the International Institue of Information and Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H).

I have recently been selected as an intern with GNOME for the summer and I am thrilled to hack my head off 🙂

P.S Catch me anytime on IRC Channel: #gnome-music on irc.gnome.org.

P.P.S this is my first blogging attempt (as a part of the blogging exercise which all gnome interns need to do every 2 weeks 😉 ).. So all suggestions/criticisms are most welcome 🙂


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