DESKTOP TESTING .. JHBuild Updated Setup

The world of open-source is ever evolving.. My previous posts in the series of desktop testing were conversant about starting from scratch .. the scratch in GNOME tests just got a little changed. So this blog would address a couple of pointers which people intending to contribute in our QA team might find useful. (The post assumes the knowledge of building JHBuild from HERE) The first thing one would need to have in place is the gnome-desktop-testing-runner inside of JHBuild so as to run tests on the  GNOME components build via JHBuild. This post thus, aims at gathering some of the most useful resources for jhbuild in one place and also, providing some hands-on reference point to get started! Beginners might find it frustrating to look for modulesets which include this respective module. And so as a part of this post I would be sharing my ~/.config/jhbuildrc file which should make life a little bit simpler. After we have our jhbuild and its config file in place. All thats left to be done is fire up that bash and run: “jhbuild build gnome-desktop-testing” Few Troubleshooting pointers: The error below can be fixed by installing libatrr-devel externally.

checking attr/xattr.h presence... no
checking for attr/xattr.h... no
configure: error: You must have attr/xattr.h from libattr
*** Error during phase configure of libgsystem: ########## Error running ./ --prefix /home/shivani/jhbuild/install -enable-installed-tests *** [6/6]

Before proceeding to anything else, you might want to do a quick

jhbuild sanitycheck

to make sure jhbuild is good to go and

jhbuild sysdeps --install

so as to install the dependencies we might need in the future! A good place to cross check the dependency installation would be HERE. Also, a look at the JHBuild troubleshooting archive could be helpful in solving the most common issues. Finally, with a basic setup in place referring to THIS post might just be what you are looking for. More to come! 🙂

The changes you might want to do to the sample.jhbuildrc before transferring it to ~/.config/jhbuildrc can be traced as follows:

moduleset = ['gnome-apps-3.14','gnome-apps-3.12','gnome-world']
# A list of the modules to build.  Defaults to the GNOME core and tested apps.
modules = ['gnome-weather', 'meta-gnome-core', 'meta-gnome-apps-tested' ]
#..<some more stuff that went here>

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