Summary of my Accomplishments as a part of OPW’2013

Arrival of mid September marks the wrap up of my term as an OPW intern for GNOME-Music and also the beginning of my time with gnome after the internship (Yes! I plan to stick around for a long, long time !)

This post is an effort to condense my contributions and visions from the last 3 months into a report for OPW wrap up.

View for No Music Found


Behavior of playbar toolbar after reaching end of queue
Implementing Repeat ALL functionality
Made my first port from gjs to python (widgets.py!)
Added RTL variants to repeat-shuffle icons
Implemented searchbar
Optimized code!
Learnt to deal with travis errors!
Optimized more code!

  • While I would have expected myself to be limited to just the implementation related bugs, I soon discovered that you can indeed work on UI bugs regardless of owning ubuntu 13.04 (where UI fixes are a pain , partially why the screen-shot courtesy of this post goes to sai 🙂 ). And so I gave in color and width fixes .. and well, adhered to the mockup designs for music !
  • I also learnt that not only do we want a clean indented code, but also an “error-trace” free terminal , and so I cleaned my error trace and made pyflakes and pep8 happy !
  • Porting to python in one crazy week not only saw me writing some huge code porting javascript code but also introduced me to Travis. And I could write a separate blog describing how to make Travis happy !
  • Its the one line fixes which prevent random crashes and fix the “i don’t know why the hell wouldn’t this work” emotion which are the toughest to get to:

I too had my share of those and fixed some :
Fixed grabbing media keys on window focus
Fixed disappearing error icon
Fixed scrollbar positioning
Fixed Attribute error
Fixed crashes

  • Taking care of i18n is important ! – Strings should be translatable
  • Vision for future!  I intend to keep working with gnome-music and help implementing the future features like remote sourcing, completing search, etc.

I have through this journey learnt that Opensource is not just about coding , but about collaborative learning and innovating ..Its about the thrill of solving your first bug, the magical week of meeting those people behind the “nicks”, making friends, improving your skills, experiencing lows.. but cutting through them and rediscovering your highs.

Its about joining a community (and a family ) and never wanting to leave!

Signing off with some screens:




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