Search – music , answers and superheros..

Week3 and 4 saw me mess with the search branch at gnome-music.

While Vadim had the basic implementation working , I realized how tricky it is to migrate to newer stuff , only to see how simple things can become after that! To achieve the same for search we migrated from :




Hail the Gtk.SearchBar , which is mainly a toolbar to integrate a Gtk.SearchEntry with.
Useful references for the same can be found at – and

This was given the mockup with 2 views which the designers quickly revised to a BIG detailed implementation 😀 ..

And so went on the work with creating timeouts (which is useful when you want to record if a user is done typing etc) and revising the views.

While I’d always thought that search is good if I know the paradigm I am searching in.. For instance I’d have liked to go to the albums view and got albums by the same I typed, songs for songs and so on.. There is something the designers had to say that struck me .. Do we have a filter when we go type in google?! The beauty of search is when I type the keyword in and all the results (with their filters) turn up.. So I get the point and I am off to writing new queries !

Some Rambles (some answers)

Having been present on #guadec this week, the feeling of attending it ( is finally sinking in 😀 So is the acknowledgement of how much planning and work goes in ! 😀 For all those it might help here is all you need for a visa application form :

  • Documents for the application form
  • A travel agent if you want to do it the convenient way
  • A trip to the embassy for an interview (If you are applying to Czech and haven’t traveled before)

One of the parts I have been waiting for .. the superheros 😀

My channel is especially characterized with having a pack of x-men.

Introducing the man of steel Guillaume Quintard (\o`~~~~~ -> thats how he likes to fly with a cape on :D)
One of the best coders I have come across , he is natural in tackling new API’s in a jiff.  Right from explaining all the annoying questions we ask him , to tackling some brain dead days for me, he is the savior on the channel 😀

My recent encyclopedia, or well lookup for advice superhero – Arnel A. Borja. Right from being the code style nazi (for my betterment 😛 ) to suggesting better approaches, correcting errors and coding at lighting speed, he is  one of the best people to hang around and code with! 😀

The Jedi masters 😀 Finally .. Thanks to Seif Lofty and Vadim Rutkovsky for being the best mentors and guides. Letting us experiment and learn SOOO much 😀


Signing off ~ You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have – Someone 🙂


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