This blog is not about “A legendary dwarfish creature supposed to guard the earth’s treasures underground ~ GNOME” , but about my organization which pretty much does the same with code and coders, designs and designers and all the other people we have  🙂

This June 17th marked the beginning of my term as an OPW intern at GNOME-Music. Thankyou Marina Zhurakhinskaya for guiding me toward it 🙂

Following is some of what I learnt in the past couple of weeks..(In no specific order)

Learning the essentials.. While most of us jump onto code , I realized its the building and putting together of all that code which is the trickiest..Thus, getting familiar with some of the tools like Jhbuild ( and Git comes in super handy..! This week around I also tried my hand on fixing auto-tools bugs [Here] (first ones for me! if it were not for Arnel , I would have taken another couple of  hours + the 8 I already did 😀 ) , this also tackled saving the settings of an application at close.

Decoding the code, and code.. The next thing and the very foundation of what I have been doing for all my time spent hacking applications is this -> Decode what is in there , and code on top of it.

Following this approach I have so far worked on the following :

Design is important!! Last couple of weeks taught me how important it is to follow the mockups , respect the well thought of designs, each precision and detail.

I realized it is completely “logit” to spend couple of hours nudging a few pixels here and there..Following are the hours I spent nudging pixels .. some reaped commits, many didnt 😀 [1][2][3]

Indentation is God!! I am serious, it is God. I am today aware of the number of spaces I put. (4 for a long lost tab) , a space after an if.. and so on. I hate trailing space errors and my savior is (:%s/\s\+$//) , we all love vim dont we 😀

Error Traces are not appreciated.. We all love a clean terminal at the startup of an application. 🙂 So fix it as you like it!

Without amazing people in your community.. None of the above is possible!

Thanks for being the best channel I have ever been to 😀

Seif Lofty, Vadim Rutkovsky , Guillaume Quintard, Arnel A Borja, Eslam Mostafa, Manish Sinha, Sai,and very recently – Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (nacho) , Fabiano Fidêncio (fidenco) . Hackers on #gnome-hackers . Designers jimmac, aday, adreasn.

Signing off ~ Life is a roller-coaster (or well right now it is 😀 )


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