Space and Code..

DISCLAIMER : The following is bound (by space and time) to be random and very much “humanities” :P…

It fails me how could one translate all their thoughts into a blog post.Thoughts after all are multi-dimensional, they range across time , space, people and place (I sort of like when stuff rhymes).. This was until this struck me .. SPACE AND CODE.

I do not intend to cover the tedious 4 space indentations which most of us developers crib about 😛  , rather this blog is about the 2 things which fascinate me the most (and of which I can never get enough of).

Any good code is like the night sky , It has history and stories and thoughts which need to be hacked into. Catching the trail of thought which leads the logic in a code pre written is like tracing the constellations which render the night sky smitten..

Signing off..

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” – Spock


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